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Mission statement :

During this century we can travel extensively. Thanks to this gift we have the chance to meet with people from all over the world in the cities we live in! My mission is to bring us all together under one roof during cultural and elegant evenings and cocktails. You will be meeting new people, discovering new cultures, and countries. Plurality makes diversity and spices up life. Join us and be the Ambassador of your country!

Katia Condette (France)

“Internationals need this kind of event! Bravo!” SG

“Thank you, my pleasure. I love your crowd, they are nice and beautiful. Thanks for having me! DJ Pierre Zonzon from France”

“You are wonderful, you really coordinate a special events. Love the idea that Internationals can meet in an ambiance that is very easy and full of cultures.” RM

“May I say you are doing an amazing job organizing these events.

I have enjoyed them immensely. Thank you so much for your hard work and exceptional effort!” TP

“Thanks for supporting the Latin American Culture and work for a better comprenhension of our continent. RP”